Organize your memories. Preserve your stories. 
Share your legacy.

We have a passion to reclaim treasured memories from your photographs for future generations to enjoy. No matter what the job is, we have the knowledge to serve you. We promise the professionalism you deserve. 

Whether it’s time to refresh an old and worn photo from the 1900’s or the latest digital image that can use professional enhancements, your photo can be repaired, refinished, or customize per your vision, we are fully dedicated to your needs.

We are ready to serve you with the utmost care, preserving your cherished legacy photographs to ensure it will carry on your family memories for generations to come; at all times we understand and respect the emotional value each photograph symbolizes.

(If vintage restoration isn’t your thing, but you love the digital printing styles, we can update a cherished photograph making a new piece of art appropriate for any display options. You have many new choices of printing and display styles.  All done without destroying the history and integrity of the original. Ask about this special service)
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Receiving a free quote is as easy as uploading a digital image of your photo. There is no charge when using our online order form.

Tips for scanning your photos
> Use your personal scanner or go to FedEx, Staples, or other location offering photo scanning services
> Confirm the scanner’s resolution setting is a minimum of 600 dpi. 
> Save the file as a jpeg or tiff (Min 1 Mb - Max 20 Mb)

Upload Your Photo 
Upload your photo (get Scanning Instructions here) and 
we will send a Restoration quote for your approval. 
Includes Basic restoration and digital downloads.
Enjoy! & Share!
>  You can order prints and enlargements, the best print size is determined by the quality and original size of the image file you sent us. You will receive detailed instructions on how to order when your restoration is ready.
>  Share your image link and password with family and friends. No limited to the number of downloads or orders. 
>  Perfect for reunions, anniversaries, special events. 
>  More questions? Email
How Long Does It Take?
The entire photo restoration process, from acceptance of the Restoration quote to delivery of the completed restoration, generally takes 10-15 business days. Any prints requested are considered a separate order and delivery will depend on what is ordered. 

If you want to have the restored photo and prints for a special occasion, please allow enough time. If necessary, your order can be completed on a rush basis, but a rush fee will be applied. At certain times of the year, such as December, our volume can be particularly heavy and turnaround times may be longer. Contact us for current turnaround times. 

All final restorations are delivered via download from a password protected gallery. All Restoration quotes include general digital cleanup of your photo. The accepted Restoration quote shall be binding. Quotes remain in effect for 30 days from date issued.
Please note: Although we can repair almost every kind of damage, unfortunately, no one cannot fix an "out of focus" image
We will work on your restoration for up to two change requests. Due to the intensive manual labor for each photo, there are no refunds. If your photo has minimal clarity, we may not achieve optimal results. Photos that are missing pieces may incur additional charges.
We reserve the right to refuse any images we deem inappropriate.
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