My Vision, My Art
As a California-based photographer, James’ fine art portfolio relies heavily on the use of technology in the creative process. His style includes straight photographs, digitally enhanced for composition, and Digitally Re-Mastered images stylized with watercolor and painting effects. Always sourced from his original photographs, these images and prints are created under his artistic direction.
Editorial & Lifestyle
Editorial and Lifestyle images have changed due to the rise of social media and efficacy of Content Marketing. Thus, "Content Marketing" is a specific form of Editorial and Lifestyle photography focused on relevant visual content for branding specifically to engage or inform a business’s audience. Well crafted images showing you, your product, or service in an environment that is inspirational and moves your product into the real world with real people in recognizable environments.
"Vanquishing the Invisible" is a compelling portrait series of Women Veterans designed to raise awareness on the toughest issue they face today - invisibility.   Using powerful imagery and personal narratives, Vanquishing The Invisible reveals the sacrifices, triumphs, and lives of a diverse set of contemporary Northern California women veterans. 
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