My Vision, My Art

As a California-based photographer, James’ fine art portfolio relies heavily on the use of technology in the creative process. His style includes straight photographs, digitally enhanced for composition, and Digitally Re-Mastered images stylized with watercolor and painting effects. Always sourced from his original photographs, these images and prints are created under his artistic direction.

An advocate of experimenting at the intersection of traditional and digital, James believes in a creative vision free from any constraints and boundaries. Equipping his imagination with evolving technology makes a powerful fuel for creative processes. Propelling his visual art into new areas.

It doesn't matter how you want to hang it... carry it... wear it... license it... or stream it. It's here!!! 

​​​​​​​Welcome to my Digital Art store! 

After creating photographs for others for over 30 years, I am excited to offer My Art, My Vision 
as Framed prints, Wall décor, Apparel, Stationery, and other products.

With just a few clicks, you can select the images you will enjoy today and tomorrow. 

*All Products are produced by Fine Art America (FAA): (Prints/ Canvas/ Framed/ Posters/ Metal/ Acrylic/ Greeting Cards/ etc.)
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