"Vanquishing the Invisible" is a compelling portrait series of Women Veterans designed to raise awareness on the toughest issue they face today - invisibility.  
Using powerful imagery and personal narratives, Vanquishing The Invisible reveals the sacrifices, triumphs, and lives of a diverse set of contemporary Northern California women veterans. 
This exhibit provides a unique approach to the challenges women veterans face and the diverse paths they choose to succeed in their personal and professional lives. "Vanquishing The Invisible" creates an opportunity to educate the public on the changes in attitude and perception necessary for Women Veterans to thrive in our communities.  
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The women in our portrait series and millions of other Women Veterans across our country have proven themselves on the battlefield and in support functions all over the world. The wealth of experience and education they contribute to businesses, educational institutions, and our local communities is immeasurable.
Yet it may surprise you to hear many women don’t self-identify as Veterans when returning home. Although these women are incredibly tough-minded and hardworking, they often go unrecognized and unappreciated by the public. In some cases, male peers tell Women Veterans that they didn’t sacrifice enough. In other instances, they’re called liars or worse. If that’s not enough, Women Veterans face decades of negative cultural stereotypes, which perpetuate feelings of invisibility.

By purchasing books you help Women Veterans be recognized 
for their service and seek the benefits they earned.
I am elated this important portrait project has continued, as James and Mara Morrison are introducing the world to ten more amazing Women Warriors! I invite you to take the time to enjoy these compelling portraits and read the stories about these strong and beautiful women.                                                         Melissa Washington, U.S. Navy Veteran,
 President, Women Veterans Alliance
For military women, invisibility is linked to everything from problems reintegrating when leaving the service to adverse health outcomes. Being seen means social support, access to community resources, and recognition for service. It is to this important cause that the Morrison's work contributes powerfully. "What Does a Woman Veteran Look Like?" is a powerful book meant to empower, inspire, and honor.                                                                                                 Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas, Marine Corps Veteran 
Professor of Public Health 
​​​​​​​... honored to be among the fearless females who have made our military the best in the world. James and Mara Morrison have done an outstanding job at showcasing these little-known stories of dedication to our country.
Col. Patsy Thompson, U. S. Air Force  (Retired)
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“We ask the public to join our mission to foster the changes needed in our society by recognizing and supporting our Women Veterans and their families. They represent the very fabric of our communities and our country,"  
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