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My photographic journey has developed in varied and unexpected ways and I have been open to them all. Passion for my art pushes me to find the creative expression between myself and my subject, removing social boundaries and opening unexpected doors. I love creating an experience invoking strong feelings, suspending divisions and capturing shared energy. Only then does my camera become an extension of my artistic vision. My life partner, Mara,  supports, assists, and brings her own creative gifts to the process. Together, we’re James R. Morrison Photography.
About You
Whether you’re a local entrepreneur, a corporate leader, or a community activist we are passionate about creating your vision through images that communicate your story with integrity.  Images that reach and engage your audience. To make a profound impression, to create a shared memory or call for an explicit action to change perceptions and touch emotions.

We help empower you to tell your story without saying a word.
​​​​​​​All images on this site may not be used for any purposed and are protected by US copyright. If you would like to request specific images for your projects, please email me via the form below so we can discuss the details. Thanks.
Our clients and collaborators include executives, artists, musicians, commercial, nonprofits, and arts organizations. If you or your organization have a story to share, require creative visual marketing content, or you'd like to be the subject for our next profile portrait series, contact
James@JamesRMorrison.com Or use the form below.
Our clients range from established brands to start-ups, ​art galleries to individual artists. We provide all services from production to editing and final delivery of finished photography projects.
Based in Fair Oaks, California, we are available for local and travel assignments. With over thirty years of experience encompassing graphic art and design, commercial, portrait, and editorial photography.

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Specialties:  Decorative Art images
and multi-phased Exhibition projects
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